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Професионална маса за футбол на маса на Garlando / Италия / за International, Master Series and Pro Tour турнири на ITSF, джага без жетонен механизъм


Джага с изходящи  / усилени / ръчки.

Виж детайлиджага


Цена на  футболна маса: c ДДС, София, България.

 Цена за доставка на джага  до адрес на клиента остава по договаряне.

 Срок за доставка на джаги: 20 работни дни

This freeplay version of the World Champion sums up the same excellent features as the coin operated model in a home product and is the official ITSF model for the international competitions of the category International,Master Series and Pro Tour. 

Used by the professional players in tournaments worldwide, it boasts competition score counters and leg levellers, rubbers on the bars and adistancer to keep the goalkeeper within the goal range, among the many others. 


A freeplay model and, at the same time, a real competition table, Master Champion is a deeply innovating product compared to the traditional home table and it is the ideal tool to train before the international tournaments. 

Length 150cm
Width 77cm
Width with solid rods 125cm
Height 89*/91**cm
Weight 80Kg
Packing 152 x 82 x 40cm
* with leg levellers fully down.
** with leg levellers fully up.