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Ullrich-Beast ITSF foosball table football table "Used" Made in Germany

Масата е в добро състояние.

The ideal training table football for beginners but also for ambitious foosball player. This football table differs from the table football other models by the built-up on the kicker SoccerPor figures. The new ergonomics of the foot allows any style of play. The Foosball SoccerPro sits 4mm deep on the pitch than the standard soccer figure. The advantage is there are fewer dead spots where the ball on the playing field can not be reached. Furthermore, the side surface of the foot is greater which simplifies the control of the ball between the kicker figures. Even the terminals and guiding the ball is supported by the foot. A foosball table, the international with national playing techniques thus unites us is also ideal as a training table for tournament players.

This table does not have a ball throw.


Special features of Ullrich-Beast Kickers:

  • high production quality "Made in Germany"
  • stable cabinet construction
  • 2 Ball outputs. always bale ejection on the penalty side - ideal for training purposes!
  • Adjustable leveling feet

The standard equipment by Ullrich "Beast" includes all the attachments that are needed for kickers.

Цената е  с  ДДС.

Цената за доставка от София до клиента остава по договаряне.

Срок на доставка:  Налична


  • External dimensions: 142 cm L x W x 73.5 cm H 91 cm
  • Pitch dimensions: L 120 cm x 68 cm B
  • Wall thickness: 2,8 cm
  • Material: MDF
  • Height: 91 cm - 95 cm
  • Total weight: approx 90 kg
  • Package dimensions: L 148 x W 75 x H 18 cm - with pre-assembly of 148 x 75 x 40 cm

The Ullrich-Beast foosball table is normally delivered as a kit (plug and screw).