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Маса за футбол на маса от Leonhart / Germany - Bavaria /, джага без жетонен механизъм

Джага с изходящи  ръчки

Виж детайли - джага

Цена на футболна маса:  с  ДДС до адрес  в София.

 Цена за доставка на джаги  до адрес в България остава по договаряне.

Срок за доставка на джаги: 20 - 30 работни дни

Entry to the world of foosball.
You’re a newbie or ambitious hobby player? The leo.soccer.sport might be just the right table for you. It is the basic version of the tournament tables – absolutely upgradable. So you decide what you need and when you need it – without lower sight on quality! The typical Leonhart longevity is granted, of course.

Get it started – your table is your project.
Foosball means passion – whos falling in love with the sport, can upgrade this table step by step. The standard version is upgradable to a level only tournament tables can maintain.

Kick off.
Due to its stable construction this table is the first choice for schools and youth centres. ‘Cause even there a passionate player deserves to kick on professional equipment to prepare for competitions or tournaments. Characterizing can be very easy: Through the many possibilities the S4P sport ed. is the perfect branded-table.

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  • height-adjustable metal legs
  • classic goal
  • PowerForce V2 Rods
  • original leo_player figures
  • easy to brand as a corporate table
  • 4 itsf balls inclusive


WEIGHT   80 kg

DIMENSIONS   143 × 74 × 92 cm