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Маса за футбол на маса от Leonhart / Germany - Bavaria /, джага без жетонен механизъм


Джага с изходящи  ръчки

Виж детайли - джага

Цена на футболна маса:  с  ДДС до адрес  в София.

 Цена за доставка на джаги  до адрес в България остава по договаряне.

Срок за доставка на джаги: 20 - 30 работни дни


Start your own tournament series – at home!
The best place to learn new tricks, enjoy victories or just have fun while playing foosball is your regular place to play. With the leo.soccer home you invite the winning feeling into your home – even beyond opening hours.

Hard materials for hard matches.
The professional equipment allows you to fully expand your talents. Harder figures allow harder shots – and the damp-resistent handles are refusing slipping away. Through playing with telescopic rods maximum security is granted – most important when it’s on the turn of the junior talents.

Shoot low, win high.
The leo.soccer series is just built like you used to know from other professional foosball tables. So the well-known, established low goal should not be forgotten.

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  • metal legs
  • height-adjustable kids version (available against extra charge)
  • sealed playfield
  • solid construction
  • premade mounted corpus
  • PowerForce V2 Rods


WEIGHT 65 kg
DIMENSIONS 143 × 74 × 92 cm

120 x 68 cm

wall  thickness

31,5 mm