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Професионална маса за футбол на маса от Leonhart / Germany - Bavaria /, официална джага на DTFB

Джага с изходящи  ръчки

Виж детайли - джага

Цена на футболна маса:  с  ДДС до адрес  в София.

 Цена за доставка на джаги  до адрес в България остава по договаряне.

Срок за доставка на джаги: 20 - 30 работни дни

You bring home the trophy, we supply the right table.
Only the correct preparation helps to stay at the top! The game is easy with the leo_tournament. This is not only the most widely used tournament table in Germany and one of the most played tournament table worldwide, but is also used to train top pros. Ideal for training sessions as near as possible to real competition conditions.

The best arena for competitors.
The scratch-resistant pitch on leo_pro-tables has raised corners. The sides are laminate and moisture-resistant. Speed and grip are optimized. Best materials. We only use the best materials for the leo_pro-tables.

Perfect positioning and football included.
Adjustable feet make it easy to kick the ball straight and play on uneven surfaces. So you can start right now, all leo_tournament tables are supplied with new itsf footballs!

More info:

  • dtfb partner table
  • itsf official table
  • fine-adjustable metal legs
  • tournament rods (weight-reduced)
  • rubber bumpers with integrated discs
  • solid construction
  • perfectly balanced figures (top-heavy)
  • goal counter
  • 4 itsf balls inclusive
WEIGHT 110 kg
DIMENSIONS 143 × 74 × 92 cm