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Маса за футбол на маса от Leonhart / Germany - Bavaria /, джага за 8 играча

Джага с изходящи  ръчки

Виж детайли - джага

Цена на футболна маса:  с  ДДС до адрес  в София.

 Цена за доставка на джаги  до адрес в България остава по договаряне.

Срок за доставка на джаги: 20 - 30 работни дни

XL Mega 8 – Big fun for 8 players.

That is what one can call an eyecatcher: The huge extended foosball table XL Mega 8 can’t be forgotten by any visitor or guest. For promotional use, business events or sporty family party: The XL Mega 8 attracts full attention and is a hell of a partymaker.

Big fun, less effort.
The reason many rent services trust on our extended tables is not only because of our brand-own quality. The transport is easy and uncomplicated, the legs easily be stored in the corpus. The corpus itself offers enough place to draw attention to the messages you want to be noticed – of course we’d love to take care of this individual branding.

Size matters.
And you can still influence it: Through our special plug-in system you can extend the XL Mega 8 through another middle part to a table for 12 players.

More info:

  • expandable XL foosball table through plug-in system
  • leg storage inside the corpus (on demand)
  • hardwearing for few maintenance
  • easy to brand
  • solid construction

WEIGHT 150 kg
DIMENSIONS 262.8 × 74 × 92 cm