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Foosball table from Garlando / Italy /, soccer table for free play

Soccer  table  with  outgoing  rods 

The price  of  a  foosball  table with  telescopic  rods  is by  request

See details  for  the foosball  tables   here

Резаервни части за джага / виж брошурата / - цени, наличности и  срок на доставка по запитване

See assembly  for  the foosball  tables: here

Delivery of  table soccer: in stock

The price of  the football  table is next to a warehouse in Sofia / Bulgaria / and  include  VAT / 20% /

The price of soccer  tables  for countries from European Union  are determined after making an inquiry 

This is the entry level of the Evolution line, the special series of three football tables which also includes G-500 Evolution and G-2000 Evolution. 

The sturdy construction is greatly enhanced by the smart colour combination inspired to the hi-tech style. 

The grey ball baskets on the black cabinet add a touch of glamour to the elegance of the whole. 

The telescopic safety bars, to allow children a greater protection, are available on request. 

F-200 Evolution complies with the harmonized European rules EN on safety. 

Length 145cm
Width 74cm
Width with solid rods 125cm
Width with telescopic rods 110cm
Height 88cm
Weight 60Kg
Packing 135 x 80 x 34cm