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Foosball table from Garlando / Italy /, soccer table with coin mechanism and cover glass

Soccer  table  with  outgoing  rods  

The price  of  a  foosball  table with  telescopic  rods  is by  request

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Delivery of  table soccer: 20 working days

The price of  the football  table is next to a warehouse in Sofia / Bulgaria / and  include  VAT / 20% /

The price  of a soccer table with direct delivery till member country of the European Union is determined after query.

No VAT / 20% / is charged for companies with VAT registration from a member state of the European Union


Coperto’s most striking feature is the playing area completely covered by an anti-break glass to reduce playing noise, keep the playing field clean and, above of all, prevent theft of ball and tampering with the game: in a word, it safeguards your income.
Available in two different colour options - Standard with a briar wood coating and a central black band, and Competition with three bands in red, white and blue - this model is enriched with all the most sophisticated details you can have on a football table, such as the playing field in sand-blasted glass, the anti-skid handles with wood inserts and much more.
The cabinet opening is made easier by two gas struts, which support the upper part when lifted, to effect all cash collecting, inspecting and cleaning operations in full safety.
As an option, Coperto can be equipped with a lighting system for the playing field, to allow use in dimly lighted places or create special effects  in the dark.
The possibility of utilizing highly sophisticated coin validation systems (as the electromechanical system or the electronic GARL 2001) makes it possible to meet different requirements in revenues. 


Length 150cm
Width 76cm
Width with solid rods 120cm
Width with telescopic rods 110cm
Height 96,5cm
Playfield 115 x 70,5cm
Weight 108Kg
Packing 152 x 82 x 46cm