Sale of new and used foosball tables, accessories and spare parts for your table.

We also offer support, tournament organization and corporate event management, different kinds of team building, demonstations, table branding and other services the client require!

Foosball-tables.eu offers new and used foosball tables – mainly working with the officially recognized brand of Roberto Sport table soccer tables – models Kombat and Adrenaline. They are already recognized by the Bulgarian market and are used as official tables by the professional foosball players not only in Bulgaria but Internationally as well.

Foosball-tables.eu offers support for its products – foosball tables, table soccer accessories, table football spare parts etc. Foosball-tables.eu is positioned not only in the field of the foosball products but offers and specializes in different table soccer promotions and event building – table soccer presentations, foosball tournament organization, table football events, foosball animation and team building.

The team working for us is composed not only of highly motivated people trying to develop the world of table soccer but we work with the top professional table soccer players licensed by the Interantional and the Bulgarian Table Soccer Federations. These players can offer their services either by becoming part of your event by animating or presenting different kinds of demonstrations ro by promoting your company in the ways you require - advertising, branding etc.

Make a foosball present to yourself and work with us at Foosball Tables.