5 Tips on how to win

1. Stay focused - Being concentrated all the time while playing is really important. It allows you to even exceed your potential and do things you would have never done if you were not FOCUSED enough!

2. Be prepared - Always do as much research on everything that is connected with the competition as possible- investigate your opponents, do mental exercises, pay attention to your eating regime, your sleeping and overall lifestyle, do a research on the competition hall and if there is time have an hour or more there so that you get used to it and feel as comfortable as possible there etc.

3. Be confident - No matter what,  you have to trust yourself and feel like you are already the winner /on the table and elsewhere as well/.

4. Desire 1-st place - Always go for first place even though you think you don't deserve it, or you feel like you are not prepared enough, or it seems impossible. Everything is possible when you desire it strong enough /forget the Olympic principle/.

5. Train and rest - Build up a program that suites you best - train hard but take your rest. Resting might turn out to be as important as training.