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Official foosball-tables of Ullrich Sport / Germany / for International, Master and Pro Tour tournaments / ITSF /, soccer table without coin mechanism- used

Soccer table with outgoing  rods.

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This year Ullrich-Sport (Germany) is becoming a member of the International Soccer-Table Association(ItSF) and has even created a new table for this very purpose.

While conceptualizing a new and internationally excellent table, Ullrich-Sport had to take different playing-techniques and preferences into consideration. The end result was developed in collaboration with many reputable soccer-table players, creating a portable table where all the well-known techniques are applicable.

Due to the specially designed foot of the soccer-figures, all kick and pass techniques are made possible. Furthermore, the figure enables a safe pinch by using a uniquely formed foot and at the same time makes it possible to lead the ball well between the figures. No matter if you are like pinshot, pullshot or snakeshot everyone can employ their favorite way of playing.

As expected for an excellent soccer-table, only premium quality elements have been built in to this table. Here it is important to have a closer look at the new, silent and durable bumper, which makes it possible to absorb a high percentage of vibration during approach due to its cushioning effect.

The well-proven changeable bearings, the internal ball dispenser and the easily removable legs stored inside the soccer-table all add to smooth tournament conditions.

And since the appearance of an Audi differs from that of a BMW, Ullrich-Sport has also given their new table a facelift! Of course we can argue about taste in style, however, not about performance qualities.

So come by and check it out for yourself!

Special features of the Beast-table:

- High weight

- Extremely stable and torsion-resistant design

- 4 ball exit

- Legs with strut

- Quickly build up and dismantle the table

- Large adjustable feet

- Integrated transport compartment in the body for the legs

- Equipped with all tournament features of the highest stability and quality

(Premium bars, weighted figures, change-over bearings, premium playfield)



Playfield 120 х 68
Dimensions 143 х 74 х 94
Package 155 х 77 х 40
Weight 105 кg