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Foosball table from Garlando / Italy /, soccer table for free play

Soccer  table  with  outgoing  rods 

The price  of  a  foosball  table with  telescopic  rods  is by  request

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Technical data for the soccer table.

Резаервни части за джага / виж брошурата / - цени, наличности и  срок на доставка по запитване

Delivery of  table soccer: 20 working days

The price of  the football  table is next to a warehouse in Sofia / Bulgaria / and  include  VAT / 20% /

The price  of a soccer table with direct delivery till member country of the European Union is determined after query.

No VAT / 20% / is charged for companies with VAT registration from a member state of the European Union


Among the most recent freeplay Garlando tables, G-2000 immediately strikes everybody’s attention for the particular shape of its cabinet, looking like a gondola, and for the inclined legs whose arch-cut cross-panel conveys a soaring and elegant impression. 

G-2000 is available in two colour versions to meet larger public’s tastes: a traditional wood colour (with a nice cherrywood effect) and an innovating blue. 

With a playfield on choice in glass or plastic laminate, the roller bearings, the possibility of installing leg levellers for a flat playfield on uneven floors, G-2000 is in all respects a professional table, which now also exists in an outdoor version. 

G-2000 has been customized by Garlando on behalf of important companies. Feel free to browse our Play & Communicate section to see its several layouts.

As on all freeplay tables, it is possible to install the telescopic safety bars to ensure children’s face and eyes a greater protection. 


G-2000 complies with the harmonized European rules EN on safety. 


Model G-2000 Blue
Length 143cm
Width 76cm
Width with solid rods 120cm
Width with telescopic rods 110cm
Height 88cm
Weight 75 Kg
Packing 150 x 80 x 34cm